What is Fly Fishing

What is fly fishing? The simple answer is the use of a weighted line (fly line) to cast a near-weightless lure (the fly) with a subtle presentation to a fish. The truth is, fly fishing is the easiest way to catch fish as it requires very little tackle (only a fly rod, fly line, reel and fly) to participate. The goal is a subtle presentation of a fly that mimics the natural food of a particular fish. The rest is pretty much up to the fish and your participation.

Requirements for fly fishing

Anyone can fly fish and you can practice fly casting in your backyard or local park. The next step is finding a body of water that holds fish.. most do. It doesn’t even have to be trout which most think of when you hear fly fishing but panfish, bass, carp and most any saltwater fish will take eat a fly.

Discovery of fly fishing rod

Fly fishing takes you to amazing places whether it’s that creek behind your house you’ve never had a reason to explore or that famous river across country you’ve been dreaming about. If you’re like us you may end up planning your vacations around fishing and what a great way to explore local culture outside the tourist traps!