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Washington’s Klickitat River – The Steelhead Ranch

The headwaters of the Klickitat River originate on the slopes of Mount Adams.  The drainage is quite steep and in fact some of the lower portions of the river are not navigable due to class 5+ falls. The river tumbles into the Columbia approximately 120 miles from the salt and this can equate to some rather ‘hot’ summer run steelhead. The Klickitat River’s wild strain of steelhead are strong and unpredictable. Typically in the 8-12 pound class with fish as large as 18-20 pounds caught occasionally. The wild summer steelhead runs enter the river anywhere from June until November. In addition to the wild steelhead, the hatchery steelhead that inhabit the Klickitat are of the Skamania strain.

Overnight packages:

Just under 2 hours from Portland and 4 hours from Seattle located on a plateau above Washington’s Klickitat River lies The Steelhead Ranch.  The Steelhead Ranch is at full operational level from August 15 until November 30, prior to that, it can be scheduled based on a trip by trip basis.

This 40 acre ranch is available for 2-4 night/day fishing packages. Enjoy fishing for summer run steelhead on the wild and scenic Klickitat River.  The Steelhead Ranch features a beautiful double mountain view and ‘Bonanza style’ ranch like comfort where the nearest neighbor is 1/4 plus mile.

Klickitat River Rod and Reels:
All-Purpose Double Hand Rod:  Diesel 7136-4
Summer Steelhead Double Hand Rod:  Diesel 6126-4
Double Hand Fly Reel:  Diesel Chrome Fly Reel
Double Hand Fly Line:  Scandi Fly Lines
Single Hand Rod:  Diesel 7100-4
Single Hand Reel:  Diesel 7/8 Fly Reel

– Green Butt Skunks
– Silver Hiltons
– Blue Charms
– Purple Perils
– Polar Shrimp
– Buggers
– Intruder style flies
– Hoh Bo Spey