Tips to Catch More Trout


Tips to Catch More Trout

• Fish water that’s close to you. Your cast will be stealthier, your drift will be better, and you’ll catch more fish.

• Wade as little as you can get away with. If you must wade, wade as shallow as you can, as slowly as you can. Wading spooks fish.

• Studs make noise as they scrape the rocks you’re stepping on. Trout hear and feel this noise. If you’re fishing very slow, technical water, consider removing your studs.

• When nymphing or dry-dropping, use more weight than you think you’ll need. Weight is good. Get ’em down.

• Nymphs drop through the water column much faster if you’ve mended your leader and line so they are upstream of your indicator or dry fly. If there’s any drag on your indicator or dry, your nymphs simply aren’t getting down.

• Many times, walking just a little further from the parking area will put you into water that sees a fraction of the pressure from your fellow anglers.

• When nymphing, put your splitshot above a blood knot that you’ve tied 12 to 15 inches above your nymph. This amount of distance will help sink your nymph, but will also allow it drift naturally. How to set up indicator rig.

• If fishing more than one nymph, use lighter tippet to connect your trailing fly to your lead fly. This way if you hook a snag with your trailing fly, you might still come away with your lead fly, rather than losing both.

• Carry two rigged rods next time you go trout fishing. Make one a dry rig and one a nymph or streamer rig. This way you can change rapidly between presentations as the water dictates.

• Fish Chubby Chernobyl.

• Fish the heaviest leader or tippet you can … that still allows you to fool fish. This gives you the best chance of landing any big fish you hook, and enables you to land all fish more quickly, so they can be released successfully.

• Try to fish at least one big annual hatch, every year. Especially the big bugs: hexes, salmonflies, drakes, cicadas, etc. The fishing can be insane if you hit it right, and also, it’s just neat to see nature being rhythmic and doing its thing.

• Learn to fish lakes. It can be intimidating at first, but once you get your bearings, you’ll love it. Plus, the biggest trout live in lakes.

• If you’re not getting eats when fishing hard-fished water, consider using fluorocarbon tippet. Full length fluoro leaders are usually overkill, but 24 inches of fluoro tippet at the end of your mono leader can be just the ticket.

• Study the cast. Learn to cast efficiently. Casting well will make you a better angler, and also, it will make every cast enjoyable, regardless of whether it yields a fish.