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Keith Westra

keith-bannerName: Keith Westra

Location:  Fremont, CA
Age:  41
Target Species:  Trout, Bass, and Striped Bass, but I have a thing for most all flats species!

When did you start fly fishing and who taught you?
In 1993 a moved up to Arcata, CA and attended Humboldt State University.  I met a guy in my dorm who fly fished and we went up and fished Coffee Creek outside of Weaverville, CA.  After catching my first little wild rainbow on a dry fly I was hooked!

Why do you fly fish?
It clears my mind and just feels right.  I love the process of fly fishing from getting your gear together to the road trips to just being out in nature pursuing fish.

If you were only allowed to fish with one fly for the rest of your life (regardless of species), what would it be?
Give me a small white Deceiver and I’m a happy man!  I’ve caught so many Largemouth and White Bass along with countless other species on this fly.

What is your most memorable fishing experience that didn’t involve the fish?
I did a good amount of hosted travel for a while.  I took a group to Los Roques, Venezuela.  To this day it has been one of my favorite trips.  I spent one evening on the roof of the place we were staying and had a few beers  with one of the helpers.  He spoke little English and I spoke little Spanish, but we managed to communicate pretty well and had some good laughs.  It was so clear that evening and the sky was full of stars.  I soaked it all in while listening to the ocean waves crash.

What is your favorite Red Truck Rod and favorite Red Truck Reel and why?
I’m a huge fan of the 10 foot 7 weight Diesel Rod.  I’ve used it for Steelhead, but love it even more for throwing sinking lines for Largemouth and White Bass on one of my favorite lakes.  I match it up with the Diesel 7/8 Reel and it’s just perfect!