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John Schultz

Name: John Schultz

Location:  Harrisburg, PA
Age:  37
Target Species:   Trout of any kind, Smallmouth Bass, but Steelhead are by far my favorite!

When did you start fly fishing and who taught you?
 I started fly fishing when I was 8 yrs old.  My grandpa took me and my two brothers to the Southern Tier in NY and we found some farm ponds loaded with bass and blue gill.

 Why do you fly fish?
I fly fish because I personally find it to be the most enjoyable style of fishing.  Fly fishing to me is an intimate process.  My involvement in formulating leaders, knot selection, and fly tying/fly selection is a personal yet key component to the fresh and saltwater game…I love that.  Plus, fly fishing is something I can get the whole family to do! 

If you were only allowed to fish with one fly for the rest of your life (regardless of species), what would it be?
If I had to use just one fly it would have to be a dark colored Clouser Minnow.  You can trim back the material and practically use it as a jig fly catching anything from Trout and Smallies  to Tarpon or Mahi-Mahi!

What is your most memorable fishing experience that didn’t involve the fish?
My most memorable fishing experience is most definitely going to chase wild Brook Trout with my grandpa,  dad and two brothers. Most of the time I was trying to help my grandpa thread the tippet through a fly (he had poor vision).  We ended up just hanging out stream side chatting while he puffed his pipe, each taking a turn in the same run.  Not one fish was caught, but lots of laughs.

What is your favorite Red Truck Rod and favorite Red Truck Reel and why?
My favorite Red Truck  gear would have to be the 10′ 7 weight  Steelhead nymphing rod.  The feel of that rod is an extension of myself and I can bomb single hand spey casts on medium water or high stick a technical small beat.  The 9′ 10 weight Permit has a good amount of notches on her belt too.  Both rods are sweet in my eyes!