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Jimmi Damone

Name: Jimmi Damone

Location:  Reno, NV
Age:  33
Target Species:  Trout of any kind!

When did you start fly fishing and who taught you?
I started fly fishing about 4 years ago, right after I lost all my fingers on my dominant hand. When I felt ready to go for it, Mike Sexton (who at the time worked at Reno fly shop) brought me out to the grass and gave me some quick casting pointers. Since then I’ve been teaching myself, but have been getting plenty of help from the Pyramid Fly Co. crew.  I figured I needed something challenging to do, so now I fish left handed!

 Why do you fly fish?
It helps me mentally, but it also helps with my ptsd. The real reason is I get to be outside along a river either with some good friends or by myself.  It really does not matter.

If you were only allowed to fish with one fly for the rest of your life (regardless of species), what would it be?
Probably just a simple  midge, it’s versatile in our local waters and it ropes hogs at Pyramid!

What is your most memorable fishing experience that didn’t involve the fish?
I’d have to say everyday at Pyramid.  Sometimes I’ll just hang out and  watch my homies pull up 15-20 pound Cutthroat all day!  2017  was an unreal season. 

What is your favorite Red Truck Rod and favorite Red Truck Reel and why?
The Red Truck Diesel Trout Spey.  At 11 foot 5 weight matched with the 7/8 Diesel Reel,  it’s an epic outfit that is well balanced and has not let me down.  The bottle opener on the rod tube cap  is a big bonus as well.