Fly Fishing The Lower Sacramento Redding – Beginner


Fly Fishing The Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento is rated one of the best tailwater fisheries in the US. It flows through downtown Redding, meandering through residential subdivisions, office buildings, and recreational areas. This river is a lifeline for most of California, providing water for central valley agriculture. It just so happens that Rainbows that inhabit the river are football shaped and weigh up to 15 lbs. The predominate fishing method for the Lower Sacramento River is by drift boat. Although, drifting can be the most sucessful method; it is not the only method.

Difficulty rating of the Lower Sacramento River – Beginner

This rating comes with a caveat. The Lower Sacramento River is a very large river and can be baffling to even expert anglers. However, if you get a good guide a complete greenhorn has a great shot at catching a nice fish. Indicator rigs are the best for fishing the Lower Sacramento.

Species in the Lower Sacramento River:

– Rainbow Trout: Year Round
– King Salmon: Summer/Fall
– Steelhead: Fall/winter
– Stipers: Summer/Fall
– Shad: Late Spring/ Summer

Fishable flows on the Lower Sacramento:

– Wading: 3,000-8,000 cfs
– Drift boat: 3,000-20,000 cfs

Most productive time of year to fish the Lower Sacramento River:

– Spring through Fall

Hatches on the Lower Sacramento River:

– Egg Hatch: October through March
– Caddis (Brachycentrus): March through May
– Caddis (Hydropsychid): May through October
– Blue Wing Olive: November through February

Recommended reading for the Lower Sacramento River:

1. Fly Fishers Guide to Northern California: Seth Norman
2. California’s Best Fishing Waters:

Licenses to fish the Lower Sacramento River:

To fish the Lower Sacramento you need a California Fishing License.

Access on the Lower Sacramento River:

Wading The Lower Sacramento:
Codwell Park
The Sundail Bridge
Knighton Island
Girvan Rd.
Anderson River Park
Deschutes Bridge

Boat Access on the Lower Sacramento River:
Posse Grounds
Bonnyview Boat Ramp
Riverside RV Park
Anderson River Park
Roosters Landing

Lodging on Lower Sacramento River:

Gaia Shasta Hotel
4125 Riverside Place
Anderson Ca 96007
Phone 877.778.3977

Sacramento River RV Park
6596 Riverland Dr
Redding, CA 96002
Phone: 530-365-6402

Recommended Guide on the Lower Sacramento River:
Aaron GrabielThe Northern California Guide

Phone- 530-356-2189

Fly fishing gear for The Lower Sacramento River-

Casting large indicators, heavy split shot, up to 3 flies, and not to mention the enormity of the fish make the Lower Sacramento River a six weight fly rod river.