The Deschutes River

The Deschutes has the distinction of being one of the West’s best rainbow trout fisheries, as well as being a world-class steelhead river. Fishing for the famed “redsides” which range from 12-20 inches, can be good throughout the year. The steelhead fishing gets going as early as July on the lower river and peaks on the upper river from mid September through October. Typical flows range from 3,000 – 5,500 cfs. Drift boats are used for transportation but no fishing is allowed from the boat. Wading is tough so be well prepared with cleated boots, wading belt and a good staff.

Deschutes River Accommodation:
We work closely with several outfitters for this river.  Please contact us and we’ll happily give you are recommendations.

Deschutes River Clothing:
Warm socks, polar fleece pullovers or sweaters, warm hat, warm fishing gloves, sun-gloves, sun hat, wet wading gear with neoprene socks for mid summer, waterproof wading jacket, synthetic long underwear and fleece pants, quick dry clothing including shorts. Bring comfortable clothes for camp and rugged shoes, and sandals for mid summer.

Deschutes River Climate:
Due to the dessert setting, climate varies widely from day to day, hour to hour and season to season. Come prepared for everything. Mornings are often very cold and mid day can be very hot. Wind is also a big factor due the variable weather conditions. Inexperienced anglers may benefit from overloading their rods by one line weight in windy conditions. Always bring rain gear regardless of season.

Deschutes River Rods and Reels: 
All-Purpose Double Hand Rod:  Diesel 7136-4
Summer Steelhead Double Hand Rod:  Diesel 6126-4
Double Hand Fly Reel:  Diesel Chrome Fly Reel
Double Hand Fly Line:  Scandi Fly Lines
Single Hand Rod:  Diesel 7100-4
Single Hand Reel:  Diesel 7/8 Fly Reel

Classic Steelhead flies are a must! 
– Green Butt Skunks
– Silver Hiltons
– Blue Charms
– Purple Perils
– Polar Shrimp
– Undertaker
– Buggers

Nymphing Flies:
– Glo Bugs
– Prince Nymphs
– Rubber Legs
– Steelhead Lightning Bugs
– Stoneflies