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Capt. Collin Huff

capt-collin-huffName: Collin Huff

Location:  Seattle, WA
Age:  39
Target Species:  Anything that swims!

When did you start fly fishing and who taught you?
My Grandfathers got me into fishing before I could walk. I gravitated to the fly around 7 or 8 years old . I spent a lot of time in a little fly shop in Downtown Austin,  The Austin Angler, asking questions and watching VHS on tying flies as well as casting.

Why do you fly fish?

 If you were only allowed to fish with one fly for the rest of your life (regardless of species), what would it be?
A 2.5 inch  purple egg sucking leech.  It’s a great fly and it just plain works!

What is your most memorable fishing experience that didn’t involve the fish?
That’s a hard one to narrow down.  The first time I fished the upper Bogy stands out in my mind.  I’ve been reading about this river for as long as I can remember.  Getting out there was pretty amazing.  I fished it really hard for four days without a grab, but was stoked the whole time.  On the fifth day things came together!

What is your favorite Red Truck Rod and favorite Red Truck Reel and why?
The Red Truck 6126-4 Diesel Spey Rod paired with the Diesel Chrome.  It’s the perfect summer run set up.   I’ve been throwing some heavy tips and big intruders with this as well and it’s performed amazing!