Red Truck Micro Creek Fly Line, 1wt


The ultimate line for dry flies, emergers and subtle presentations when fishing the tiniest of streams.

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Red Truck Micro Creek One Weight Fly Line


Most fly line companies create a fly line taper, then apply this math to a broad range of fly line weights, assuming the end user (you) will some how bump into the right fly line for the fishing that only you might be doing.


At Red Truck, we approach fly line design in a completely different fashion. Take our Red Truck Micro Creek fly line for instance. When fishing a tiny stream, the flies, casts and conditions are uniquely different from most other fishing situations. Therefore, the proper fly line must be as unique as your favorite angling situation. In essence, we at Red Truck believe that there can be and should be the right fly line for the job.


The Red Truck Micro Creek fly line employs a softer coating, which offers up not only butter-smooth casts, but allows you to present your fly truly like a feather landing on the water. Our subtle taper adds to this goal as well. High line speed performance has no validity when fishing micro creeks, so we don’t attempt it. Instead, we focus on efficiency, accuracy and a subtle presentation. This approach not only brings more joy to each cast…it will catch you more of the spooky fish you’re chasing in your favorite tiny stream.

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