Red Truck Diesel GLASS 4wt 7FT 6 IN Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 476-4

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Nothing matches the pure enjoyment of casting a well-designed fiberglass fly rod, when fishing small streams for trout.


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Red Truck Fiberglass Fly Rod:

Whether you will find yourself boulder hopping the North Fork of the Yuba or casting dries to rising fish on Hot Creek you will appreciate the buttery action. The soft tip allows for a delicate presentation during the morning and evening hatch, while the powerful lower section of the comes in handy when casting large hopper dropper rigs or when that afternoon wind picks up.

The Fiberglass Fly Rod:
While fiberglass is hardly a new material; we have improved traditional fiberglass by reducing weight and designing a versatile action.

  • The soft tip acts as a shock absorber protecting the lightest of tippets.
  • Fiberglass is incredibly durable making it the ultimate boulder hopping rod.
  • At 7 foot 6 inches this rod excels when fishing brushy creeks, pocket water, and small spring creeks.
  • The versatility of this rod is truly incredible. The soft tip allows for delicate presentations on spring creeks; while the powerful butt of the rod will effortlessly cast large hopper dropper rigs even when the wind picks up.
  • The ergonomic grip feels great and increases casting efficiency. You can’t help but smile when fighting on this rod.
  • Handcrafted and finished with the best components money can buy this rod looks and feels amazing in hand.
  • All of our Diesel rods are proudly made in South Korea.


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Weight 3.0 oz

14 reviews for Red Truck Diesel GLASS 4wt 7FT 6 IN Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 476-4

  1. Jake Jarodsky

    I love using my glass 4wt. I use it for Creek Smallies or Blue Line Brookies, while tossing a Woolly Bugger.

  2. Ted Syhlén

    Absolutely love this 4wt rod, deep bends and literally delivers pin point accuracy, hard to beat the feeling of fighting a good size brown on this rod! Btw #glassisnotdead

  3. Hank

    Buttery and smooth, but enough backbone to pull a beast in. When accuracy and presentation is your game, this is the rod for you.

  4. Magnus Worén

    This 4wt rod is absolutely amazing. This rod is unbeatable when it comes to accuracy and presentation in smaller streams or Creek. It’s hard to beat the feeling of fighting a decent trout or a boow on this rod.

  5. Catch & Capture

    I’ve been lucky to fish this rod through and through here in the northwoods of WI. It’s a classic casting glass rod but control and power. For a season it was my goto dry fly rod for many reasons. In fact it’s been a favorite rod for punching a cast with a soft enough lay down to trick the smartest, biggest brown trout. Not only does the overall finish of the rod shine but the cork handle in the full wells gives a comfortable all-day, cast, mend and set kinda feel.

  6. Frank

    I’ve been fly fishing fiberglass rods for 20 years. I started with a no name brand and have also had big name brands. The power, strength and quality of this rod is top notch. The 7’6” 4WT is my go to for creekin’ for small trout to carping in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas.

    Where will your Red Truck Fiberglass Rod Take you?

    Find out where mine takes me…

    Thanks Red Truck Fly Fishing Company for making a great fiberglass fly rod!

    Frank’s Fly Shack

  7. Jordan Dokolas

    Been fishing this rod for almost a year now and I can’t say enough good things about it. Was pointed towards this rod by Cam from the Fiberglass Manifesto and it is by far my favorite rod. It’s my go to for everything from high Sierra creeks to catching largies in irrigation canals. I’ve even thrown a 7wt sink line for leopard sharks on it.

    Action aside, the rod is absolutely gorgeous and the grip on it will make you wish every rod you owned felt like this in the hand.

  8. Koichi Homma (verified owner)

    Intermediate skagit head, 3ft t-11, 8lb tippet. Float down while casting then bomb! I caught over 18” cutthroat with this badass rod and line system.

  9. Parker Hale

    I’d like to verify all the glowing reviews to this 4wt Glass. A very supple and flexible glass stick that has plenty of backbone to fight +20” trout. I wanted a small to medium water glass rod for summer fishing dries and am extremely pleased with this choice.
    What I found even more impressive than this new favorite rod was the quality and dedication to service that I was given by the red truck team. How many people can say that the owner of the brand of gear they use calls you by name? That is exactly the level of service and personal touch I found to expect from Red Truck. They treated me like family, and maybe better than family that you only see at thanksgiving. I initially was going to buy an echo rod but they were back-ordered and the red truck team rolled out the red carpet service for me and kept in touch with me until they found a fly shop dealer that had more in stock. Once I bought the rod through the fly shop, again the Red Truck service messaged me making sure that I had a quality reel to complete the outfit. I ended up buying the diesel reel and it balances perfectly. High quality brand and somehow even higher quality service. I will be a Red Truck supporter for life and would recommend to friends.

  10. Jake smith (verified owner)

    Such a fun rod to fish. Light weight rod pairs perfectly with the 3/4 clicker reel. Accurate with tiny dries and not so soft it can’t handle a little western wind or big fish. One of my favorite dry fly rods to hand clients.

  11. Bjorge Brathagen

    This is a fine rod. A very nice rod to cast. Using a DT 4 Cortline 444 peach that is perfect on this rod, and a diesel 3/4 reel.
    I have no problem recommend this rod, and the reel is very nice too

  12. Joakim Karlsson

    I have used this rod A LOT for over two years now.
    It’s not an extension of your arm, it’s an extension of your soul.
    Pretentious words? I don’t care, that’s my honest review. Just buy it, doesn’t matter how many 4wt rods you already have, you’ll love this one.

    I’ve been using Cortland Peach 444 on it, in both WF and DT, and it’s a perfect match especially the double taper.

  13. Bo Qu (verified owner)

    I have them both 369 & 476, they are so beautiful, when I seen them first time online I immediately fall in love with them, I also have Epic 476 and I love it too, but the Red Track 476 is my favorite 476,
    if I only can choose one 476, the Red Truck 476 is!
    Highly recommended, you won’t regret!

  14. Jon

    Hard to add to what others have already had to say about this rod, but I’ll try my best to not recycle.

    1. The absolute best thing about this rod is the tippet protection. From trout streamer, to warm water bass, carp, pike etc. being able to use 6 lb tippet simply puts a smile on your face. With this rod, you have the flexibility to downsize streamers but thinner tippet to get down quicker or through a fast current and still get in the strike zone.

    2. Versatility – Mentioned above, you can take this rod and do so many things with it, your imagination is your only limitation. Want to throw dries? Go for it. Need some length, get creative. Skagit with tips can get you all the distance you would need. Anything in between, play with grain weight to suit your needs.

    3. Durability – nothing else needs to be added. This is just a workhorse, and the ability to fight fish north of 14+lbs, it just getting warmed up.

    4. Perfect size – too often market is so concerned with a specific length of rod. Lean into the advantages of a medium-fast glass rod to reach the same lengths of a typical graphite rod. 7’-6” is perfect for short 10’ casts, all of the way out to a 50’ pin-point target.

    5. Most important, it’s just plain fun. It’s time to be honest, the rod isn’t going equate to more fish. It’s the ability of the angler. HOWEVER, you should want to have fun with every cast, and this rod is darn FUN. The cast is slower, and more refine. You feel the flex through the rod and the deflection into the grip, right before the forward stroke. It unfurls to a perfect loop while feeling the flex in the rod as the fly delivers exactly where you intended. THIS is just a fun rod to cast, and the flex in the rod landing a big fish is all it takes to make you want to come back again.

    As others have said, the owner couldn’t be more nice, which makes you want to support them more. I work in marketing by profession, and often read through what is written on product marketing. Everything said was accurate, and it shouldn’t go without saying that the color choice is perfect.

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