Red Truck Fiberglass 4wt Trout Fly Rod, 3 Piece, 476-3

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Nothing matches the pure enjoyment of casting a well-designed fiberglass fly rod, when fishing small streams for trout.

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Red Truck Fiberglass Fly Rod:

Like stepping into a time machine, the Red Truck Fiberglass Fly Rod will transport you to a simpler time. Whether you will find yourself boulder hopping the North Fork of the Yuba or casting dries to rising fish on Hot Creek you will appreciate the buttery action. The soft tip allows for a delicate presentation during the morning and evening hatch, while the powerful lower section of the comes in handy when casting large hopper dropper rigs or when that afternoon wind picks up.

The Fiberglass Fly Rod:
While fiberglass is hardly a new material; we have improved traditional fiberglass by reducing weight and designing a versatile action.

  • The soft tip acts as a shock absorber protecting the lightest of tippets.
  • Fiberglass is incredibly durable making it the ultimate boulder hopping rod.
  • At 7 foot 6 inches this rod excels when fishing brushy creeks, pocket water, and small spring creeks.
  • The versatility of this rod is truly incredible. The soft tip allows for delicate presentations on spring creeks; while the powerful butt of the rod will effortlessly cast large hopper dropper rigs even when the wind picks up.
  • The ergonomic grip feels great and increases casting efficiency.
    You can’t help but smile when fighting on this rod.
  • Handcrafted and finished with the best components money can buy this rod looks and feels amazing in hand.


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Weight 0.9 oz
Dimensions 92 × 10 × 10 in

5 reviews for Red Truck Fiberglass 4wt Trout Fly Rod, 3 Piece, 476-3

  1. Jake Jarodsky

    I love using my glass 4wt. I use it for Creek Smallies or Blue Line Brookies, while tossing a Woolly Bugger.

  2. Ted Syhlén

    Absolutely love this 4wt rod, deep bends and literally delivers pin point accuracy, hard to beat the feeling of fighting a good size brown on this rod! Btw #glassisnotdead

  3. Hank

    Buttery and smooth, but enough backbone to pull a beast in. When accuracy and presentation is your game, this is the rod for you.

  4. Magnus Worén

    This 4wt rod is absolutely amazing. This rod is unbeatable when it comes to accuracy and presentation in smaller streams or Creek. It’s hard to beat the feeling of fighting a decent trout or a boow on this rod.

  5. Catch & Capture

    I’ve been lucky to fish this rod through and through here in the northwoods of WI. It’s a classic casting glass rod but control and power. For a season it was my goto dry fly rod for many reasons. In fact it’s been a favorite rod for punching a cast with a soft enough lay down to trick the smartest, biggest brown trout. Not only does the overall finish of the rod shine but the cork handle in the full wells gives a comfortable all-day, cast, mend and set kinda feel.

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