Red Truck Diesel Tarpon Outfit 1290-4


Perfectly balanced for casting to and fighting Tarpon.

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Tarpon Fly Fishing Outfit:

You just arrived at your favorite Tarpon trail in the Keys. The guide stakes the boat and the waiting game begins. As you BS with your buddy the guide remains vigilant. Eyes squinted searching the horizon as if he were Ponce de León looking for the first sight of land. You see the guide’s expression change and know something is up. Quickly you run through your Tarpon maxims you have acquired over the years. Lead ‘em, strip set, bow, and fight with the butt of the rod. Just as soon as the guide gives the ok, you make your cast and it’s on the money. You let your fly sink down to the level of the fish and begin stripping. A 90 pounder darts to your fly and you know you’re in for it. You see the fish inhale you fly and you strip set HARD. Tarpon on! TARPON ON! You feel the dip down and you know the jump is coming… Maybe you will land it maybe you won’t after all it’s the Silver King.

The 9ft 12wt is your Tarpon fishing solution, the one best answer for Tarpon fishing anywhere. From the green bottoms of the Florida Keys to the rivers mouths of Costa Rica the Red Truck Balanced Tarpon Fly Rod will make every cast and fight easier. A good Tarpon rod makes short cast for laid up tarpon, long cast for cruisers and rollers, and of course fight fish.

The Red Truck Diesel “Tarpon” Fly Rod: Our saltwater safe and Tarpon specific fly rod, at 9 foot for a 12 weight, this rod is balanced to make short cast for laid up tarpon, long cast for cruisers and rollers, and of course fight fish. This rod was balanced to be accurate, strong, and easy to cast.

·A great rod starts with the grip. Red Trucks full wells grip is not only ergonomic but enhances feel and efficiency of casting and fishing.

·Matte finished reducing rod glare, reflection from the sun hitting the rod blank caused from shiny rods, which can spook fish.

·Sanded and precision fit ferules, where the rod pieces come together, allow for repairs in just 3 days and eliminates the need for you to ship the entire rod back to us.

·Effortlessly cast in the wind.

·4 piece design meets carry on restrictions when traveling to Tarpon destinations.

·The perfect weight for Tarpon fishing.

·Powerful mid section allows for long and accurate casts.

·Hand made with incredible craftsmanship and premium components.

The Red Truck Game Fish 7Ten Reel: Perfectly matched  with our Red Truck Permit Fly Rod is the Red Truck Game Fish 7Ten Reel.  The saltwater safe sealed drag, dimensions and weight make this reel perfect to balance out this complete outfit.

·The sealed drag system provides perfect amount of tension to fight large fish.

·Machined from solid bar stock aluminum this reel will be appreciated for generations to come.

The Line: This outfit comes balanced with a weight forward 12wt. This line enhances the feel and performance of your outfit.

·No stretch design allows for efficient casting and strip sets.

·The taper lends itself to long accurate casts in the wind while the shorter head and aggressive front taper make quick casts easy and turning over bigger flies a breeze!

Where will your Red Truck take you?



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