Red Truck Diesel SD Game Fish 7Ten Reel – 7/10

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When looking for a reel for your heavier fly rods you need something with power that’s up to the task.  Red Truck Fly Fishing Co.’s Game Fish 7Ten does just that.


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Red Truck Diesel Game Fish 7Ten Sealed Drag Reel – 7/10

When looking for a reel for your heavier fly rods you need something with power that’s up to the task.  Red Truck Fly Fishing Co.’s Game Fish 7Ten does just that.  With plenty of room for backing you’ll be glad you had this reel when you hook into that Permit.  Fully machined and sealed this reel will hold up to any task you throw it’s way.  Great for 9 – 10 weight single had fly rods and ideal for 6 – 7 weight double hand rods as well!

Weight: 8.15 oz
Material: Aluminum
Reel Diameter: 4″

175 yards – 20lb Dacron Backing
125 yards – 30lb Dacron Backing


Instructions for changing retrieve on Diesel SD reels:

1) Take off the spool by turning the spool knob on the front of the spool counterclockwise (you don’t need to unscrew it all the way, just enough to remove the spool from the frame)

2) Take a pointed tool (like a bobbin or toothpick) and remove the black mesh screen from the top of the red cone shaped piece

3) Looking into the cone, you will see a screw. Remove the screw, and remove the red cone from the frame

4) When you look into the drag compartment from the base of the cone, remove the black rubber seal by putting flat head screw driver under it and gently lifting 

5) Remove the first single directional bearing, flip it, then replace the black rubber seal

6) Place cone back onto the frame, and replace the screw at the top of the cone

7) Replace the black mesh screen (mesh side facing outwards and flat side towards the inside of the cone and put spool back on securely

If you have any questions or need assistance with changing the retrieve, please contact us directly at  Thanks.

5 reviews for Red Truck Diesel SD Game Fish 7Ten Reel – 7/10

  1. BMurphy

    I originally got one because the price was great. Fits perfectly with my switch rod. Ended up getting another one for my 8wt too.

  2. John Jacob

    This is a fantastic sealed drag reel that is not afraid to get salty ! The drag is super smooth and it crank’s down hard if you need it. I’m not the most diligent angler with regards to cleaning his gear, all I’ve ever done for this reel is spray it down with water , flawless, years later! Once again, well designed gear at an incredible price. This reel stands side by side with the best in the industry

  3. Schultzy

    This reel has fit my needs great for my bass set up , it’s been used and taken some salty swims off the bank and kayak and I have never had an issue with performance . It has a great feel, looks good , fits plenty of backing for my floating or sinking line and for the money I don’t think it can be beat . I’m very pleased with it all around and would absolutely recommend it to anyone chasing salmon , steelhead , and big striped bass in salt or fresh water. Construction is solid , drag is precise , and price is no brainer .

  4. chris arbelle (verified owner)

    I bought this reel with the intentions of putting it to the test and possibly destroying it in the process. since I purchased this reel, I have to say that it easily became one of my favorite go-to reels in my collection. The retrieve is smooth. The spool is deep. The sealed drag system is perfect for the Louisiana marsh I regularly fish out of. Plenty of stopping power. I would easily compare this reel to another one twice the price on the market. 5 star quality for sure!

    The only issue I had so far is that there was no instructions for retrieval swap. It was still pretty easy to swap but to other anglers it may not be so easy.

  5. ETB

    I fish this reel with the 11”0’ 5wt diesel and it’s a banger set up, this reel will seriously stop a truck !!!!

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