Red Truck Diesel Fly Reel 0/2 Weight


When fishing with ultra-light fly rods, you need a perfectly balanced reel that can still protect the lightest of tippets.

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Red Truck Diesel Fly Reel 0/2 Weight

Balance and precision is the key to success when you’re fishing with zero to two weight rods. Our fully machined Diesel zero to two weight fly reel is the perfect choice for anglers wanting to test their skills with ultra-light rigs. The fully-adjustable click-and-pawl drag system allows you to dial in your drag setting without ever risking a break with the finest of tippet. Add this fine fly reel to your collection and you won’t be disappointed.


Width: 1′

Diameter: 2.9″

Weight: 3.8oz.

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Weight 3.8 oz


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