Red Truck Diesel Chrome – Spey Fly Reel

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Only when you hook a dime bright fish on the swing with this reel you will fully appreciate it’s beauty.

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The Red Truck Diesel Chrome Spey Fly Reel, The only spey reel you need.

No fly reel drag system has caught more fish over the years than an classic “click-pawl” drag system. It’s not only proven and can be adjusted for just the right amount of drag resistance, but the sound of a click and pawl singing while your big fish heads down stream is like music to any angler’s ears. It brings happiness to the one holding the rod and hope to others within ear-shot. A disc-drag reel lacks this, and although it might sound like a small issue, it actually makes a big difference in the overall experience.

Our Diesel Chrome Spey reel not only has a unique porting, giving a nod to quality fly reels of the past. It’s got plenty of line capacity for the necessary backing and the larger fly lines we cast today. No way a big fish will take you down to the arbor. It also comes with a padded leather reel pouch!. This is one top-shelf fly reel for your favorite two-handed fly rod.

Diesel Click Fly Reels are proudly made in South Korea.

Spool Diameter:  4.25 inches

Spool Width:  1.1 inches

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Weight 9.4 oz

1 review for Red Truck Diesel Chrome – Spey Fly Reel

  1. Tyler Abbott

    Last year I was introduced to Red Truck from my good buddy Ryan. Needing a new reel I looked into the diesel Spey and ordered one to use to chase steelhead here on Vancouver Island.

    Over the last year I have managed to get out and use it a few times, enough to finally make a review. 😛

    My first impression of the Diesel Spey was more of shock, I couldn’t believe the quality of the reel for the price. It felt solid and was very well machined. The click adjustment was functional and even the reel case looked good.

    I have probably used the reel around 6/7 times over the past year. As this is a large reel I don’t always get out to use it – usually pairing it up onto a 13’ echo. The reel balances my rod nicely, and feels at home.
    The spool is DEEP – this baby can hold a ton of backing, your running line and a head (I have an airflo rage 30’+), and still have some room. The handles are nice and comfortable on my fingers, even after a good battle they don’t get sore or bother me (from digging in). My #1 reason for buying this reel was for a “classic” click and pawl and the sound that goes with it – needless to say my first fish I caught and ever fish since has been awesome to listen to her sing!!

    The only thing holding me back from this being a daily trip reel is that most of the water I fish is small – my next purchase will more than likely be a smaller version of it.

    All in all If you want a classic feel, great quality for a killer price (which means you could probably get a new rod too 😉 ) you can’t go wrong with a Diesel.

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