Red Truck Diesel 8wt 9ft Fly Rod, 890-4

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For chunky flies, stiff breezes, long casts and agressive fish, the four piece Diesel 890-4 is what you need to get the job done.

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The Red Truck Diesel 8wt 9ft Fly Rod

Walking slowly on a white sandy flat you are completely alert and looking for any sign of movement! You spot three shadows at 1 o’clock moving toward you. You begin casting with the wind blowing right into your face. Three quick false cast until you deliver the fly subtle delivery 5 feet in front on the fish. You wait for your fly sink. Just as you begin to strip the largest of the group darts to your fly and eats. You strip set and the fish begins to pull of line at an alarming rate. Bonefish on!

The 9ft 8wt is your bonefish solution, the one best answer for bonefishing anywhere. From the clear waters of the Bahamas to the sandy flats of Christmas Island the Red Truck Balanced 8wt Fly Rod will make every cast and presentation easier. A good rod makes casting in the wind and long accurate cast a breeze.

  • Red Trucks full wells grip is not only ergonomic but enhances feel and efficiency of casting and fishing.
  • Matte finished reducing rod glare, reflection from the sun hitting the rod blank caused from shiny rods.
  • Sanded and precision fit ferules allow for repairs in just days and eliminates the need for you to ship the entire rod back to us.
  • Effortlessly cast in the wind.
  • 4 piece design meets carry on restrictions when traveling.
  • Powerful mid section allows for long and accurate casts.
  • Hand made with incredible craftsmanship and premium components.
  • All of our Diesel rods are proudly made in South Korea.


13 reviews for Red Truck Diesel 8wt 9ft Fly Rod, 890-4

  1. Ryan McMullen

    I recently fished a friends diesel 8 wt and had to buy one for myself. They’re great rods and cast like a dream, they compete with all the big name companies. The best part is you can’t beat the price. I’d highly recommend a diesel rod in whatever your desired wt is. You will not be disappointed!

  2. Ted Syhlén

    As previous reviewer said the Diesel rod is well comparable with major brands high end rods but at a affordable cost, I use this on windy days at the coast in Sweden but also superb for fighting northern pikes! If I would hit the salt in a tropical paradise then this would be my companion!

  3. John jacob

    This is my go to rod for stripers on the Maine coast to redfish on the gulf coast! This rod is a joy to cast and it’s tough as nails. The action is perfect, fast but not stiff. The butt section has some serious backbone when you find yourself hooked to a striped freight train. Love the unique blank texture , I feel it makes this rod “breathe” just a wonderful rod that I would put up against any rod on the market. Try it, you’ll love it!!
    P.s. I have it paired with the red truck 7-10 reel, perfection!

  4. Ben P

    This rod is bad, bad news if you’re a bonefish or salmon or whatever. I’ve hucked more hail mary casts with this thing than probably any other. Drop it in close and throw ice-melting loops at 20 feet. Then put your body into it and throw 90 and well beyond, if you’re nice to it. The power of this rod, with one back cast, makes it a serious weapon and one I’m still fishing.

  5. Shane

    I have carried this rod as a backup on many adventures. When my more expensive rod broke, I really had a chance to fish it. I caught Peacock Bass up to about 10lbs. It through the Rio Jungle line with a type 6 tip beautifully. Of course we weren’t fishing wooly buggers either. Big flies, heavy line; just throwing meat all day long. The rod fared better than my shoulder. Next trip the expensive rod will be the backup if it gets fixed in time!!

  6. Capt. Richard Montgomery

    Received this rod three days after making the order. First impression, very nice. Extremely lightweight with nice matte finish. The rod provides very fast line speed, for tight loops with minimal effort. Looking forward to my first redfish with this fly rod.

  7. JP

    The Red Truck Diesel 890 is the perfect rod for casting medium sized streamers around 10-15cm on long distances. It has a really fast action and is powerful as well. That fast action allows a sensitive connection to your flie even in stronger winds, so you can even feel the slightest bites. I fish this rod mainly for northern pike in Germany and I can say that it has enough power handle even really big fish. In a nutshell, the 890 is my rod for medium-sized streamers on every distance, with every line, from float so sink 3, under all conditions.

  8. Mark Nollner

    I have been fishing for over 40 years and hands down this is one of the best fly rods I have used! Fished Pyramid with it last week and did an amazing job controlling the monsters. Beautiful craftmanship and very well balanced rod especially paired with the 7/10 Diesel reel. I could not be happier with Red Truck and their customer service.

  9. Yuji Kanaxawa

    Recently hit up Pyramid Lake, for the Largest Lahontan Cutthroat in the world . Once they are hooked, they certainly get pissed off, and I needed to be ready, so I picked up this rod, and the 10wt., also with the Knarly wind, I needed something that would cut through the wind. The back bone of the road is sturdy and easily tired out the fish, while still feeling connected. Picking up the 11 ft Switch next ! Can’t wait to get it, thanks James and Red Truck !

    Yuji K.

  10. Christopher arbelle

    This is honestly the best fly rod I own now and refuse to use anything else. If paired with the right line, the casting ability on this rod seems effortless even sitting down in a kayak! I highly recommend getting this rod before anything else.

  11. Brandon H.

    I own the 11’ 5wt switch which is a killer indicator rod for me and my clients. Had to grab the 8wt for slinging sinking lines and medium to large streamers at hungry stripers. We love it so much it stays in the drift boat permanently. I’ve had a couple clients compare it’s action to Scott rods in particular. It’s fast, has backbone, but flexes enough to get a great recovery which makes repetitive casts with heavy lines at the banks a breeze. Love this thing and plan on buying the 10wt next.

  12. James mundy

    Really enjoy throwing my shooting heads for striped bass on this rod ! Very nice Red Truck and the costumer service is top notch 👍🐟

  13. Justin Jones

    The Red Truck Diesel 8wt is on par with all of the major brand fly rods, more specifically the higher end brands/models. I took this to the main island(s) in Seychelles and while I didn’t catch the “big one”, I caught some awesome species on this rod, and casting into the wind felt like there wasn’t any wind at all. This is definitely going to be my go to rod for my salt water excursions, as well as any freshwater trips that may require something a little heavier than the rivers/alpine lakes of Colorado (in those Colorado situations, I use my Red Truck 6wt Diesel rod, :-)).

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