Red Truck Diesel 7wt 9ft Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 790-4

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Brand new!  Whether you’re chasing bones on the flats or fishing Smallies on your favorite stream, this brand new Red Truck Diesel 7wt 9ft Fly Rod will quickly become part of your collection.



In stock and ready to fish!

The Red Truck Diesel 790-4 Fly Rod

This 7wt 9ft fly rod is versatile and can be used in a variety of situations including throwing big streamers to hungry and eager trout!  Tested with bones on the flats and fishing smallies and stripers, this newest addition to the lineup will quickly become part of your collection.

  • A great rod starts with the grip. Red Trucks full wells grip is not only ergonomic but enhances feel and efficiency of casting and fishing.
  • Matte finished reducing rod glare, reflection from the sun hitting the rod blank caused from shiny rods, which can spook fish.
  • Sanded and precision fit ferules, where the rod pieces come together, allow for repairs in just 3 days and eliminates the need for you to ship the entire rod back to us.
  • Effortlessly cast heavier flies and rigs.
  • Powerful mid section and butt for ease of picking up heavy rigs and streamers.
  • Hand made with incredible craftsmanship and premium components.
  • Saltwater safe
  • All of our Diesel rods are proudly made in South Korea.

4 reviews for Red Truck Diesel 7wt 9ft Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 790-4

  1. Tapani Mikola and Leea Ylitalo (@FlyStalkers)

    Six weight has been our favourite rod for a couple of years already and we got our hands on this big brother last year just before our bonefishing trip to Caribbean. Our favourite bonefishing rod and a good companion to six weight in your trout and carp trips in case of you are hit with extreme wind or some of the largest streamers are needed.

  2. Noel

    The 790 is my go-to rod, when it comes to salt water fishing for European sea trout. I like to fish windy conditions, so I need some power to get the lines where I want them to be. The 790 definitely doesn’t lack this power, similar to it’s 690 version, but also has the sensitivity to recognize even cautious takes. Regarding European sea trout fishing, it definitely is one rod that can do basically everything you need.

  3. Phil

    The new 790-4 Diesel is quickly becoming my new favorite rod in the the series along with the 590-4. It’s light yet has the power to cast a heavy streamer while also delicately presenting a bonefish fly to spooky fish on a calm day. Great addition to a great series of rods!

  4. Joey Lawrence (verified owner)

    The Red Truck 790-4 is the best fly rod for smallmouth light as a Helios and half the price all the Diesel series rods are my rod of choice from smailles to Stripers off the east coast these things are just plan sick to fish..

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