Red Truck 1953 8wt 9ft Fly Rod, 4 piece, 890-4


Now you can get the Red Truck 1953 8WT 9FT Fly Rod all by itself!



What you need is a Big Gun for delivering bigger flies, throwing longer distances, or chasing larger fish. This powerful four-piece eight weight is safe for saltwater use, and can handle sinking lines, sink-tips and floating lines without a problem. From Alaskan Silvers to Delta Largemouth, Cape Cod Stripers, or Keys Bonefish, the 890-4 allows anglers to expand their fly fishing horizons to some of the tougher fish out there.

  • Rod Weight:4 1/4 oz
  • Cork Handle Length: 7 inches
  • Comes with cordura rod tube with attached reel pouch


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