Red Truck 1953 8wt 9ft Fly Rod and Reel Combo , 4-Piece

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From Alaskan silvers to Delta largemouth, Cape Cod stripers, or Keys bonefish, the 890-4 expands horizons.

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The Red Truck 1953 8wt 9ft Combo

What You Need is a Big Gun for delivering bigger flies, throwing longer distances, or chasing larger fish. This powerful four-piece 8WT is safe for saltwater use, and can handle sinking lines, sink-tips and floating lines without a problem. From Alaskan Silvers to Delta Largemouth, Cape Cod Stripers, or Keys Bonefish, the 890-4 allows anglers to expand their fly fishing horizons to some of the tougher fish out there.

  • Rod Weight:4 1/4 oz
  • Reel Weight:  7.5 oz
  • Reel Diameter: 3.75 inches
  • Reel Width:  1.5 inches
  • Reel Handle: 0.75 inches
  • Reel Seat:  Aluminum
  • Cork Handle Length: 7 inches

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3 reviews for Red Truck 1953 8wt 9ft Fly Rod and Reel Combo , 4-Piece

  1. Wayne Sprague

    This was my first outfit. I bought it specifically for Pyramid Lake. I love it it handles big fish with ease casts great. The customer service at Red Truck rods is outstanding.

  2. John

    I purchased two of these rigs for fly fishing off my kayak on the Bay in MD . I literally have caught 4 inch perch and 40” bass on it . It cast’s well , the handle is solid , it didn’t fall apart , rust , or fail in any way after a few trips in salt water , the action is good to feel hits , strip streamers or small plugs . It’s a great rod that has had zero issues for me and super affordable. It feels as good if not better than a G-Loomis , it’s a slightly faster action but still super responsive & if you get that lazy cast it won’t fall apart on you . The quality , feel
    , look and performance I have got from this rod there’s absolutely no reason I would look elsewhere . Awesome set up !

  3. P.J. Panebianco

    This was a great outfit to start with!!

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