FAT JAKE Landing Net by Wayward Trading Post – Choose your Wood




Choose the wood options you’d like and Justin will build the net to your specs.

The FAT JAKE Flyfishing Landing Net is hand crafted by Justin Skaggs at the Wayward Woodshop located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This net features a Walnut wood handle with Cherry wood inlays. The Hickory hoop with a Walnut center makes it incredibly durable.

Constructing this net with multiple types of wood is essential for a lighter weight that won’t drag you down, while infusing enough strength to wrangle the fattest and strongest fish. To ensure smaller river trout don’t slip out, Justin chose a net with smaller holes.


The hoop measures 12 inches wide by 16 inches long. The handle is 18 inches long and shaped to maximize your grip. The entire net measures 35 inches head to toe. If you prefer a shorter handle, that can be accommodated at no extra cost.


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