Red Truck Swap Program

Red Truck Swap Program

Where will your Red Truck take you? Like a trusted truck or a fishing buddy, your Red Truck fly rod will encourage you to get out there and explore. So live richly; wake up to the amazing vistas, fish with friends, camp, explore, eat well, and above all take it all in.

  • Balanced/Solution-Based Outfits  – We design rods with reels. Rather than mixing and matching a rod from one brand and a reel from another, all Red Truck Fly Fishing Rods and Reels are designed to work with each other. It makes sense.
  • Efficient action – No need to overpower your casting stroke
  • Same-stroke selection – You can use the same casting stroke with the 1wt and the 12wt.
  • Rod caps that open bottles – Just in case.
  • Precision-fit ferrules – Makes warranty and repairs super easy!
  • The fastest lifetime warranty in the business – Rod parts go out within 48 hours of contacting us with warranty form.

From ease of cast to ease of ownership, efficiency is what it’s all about!

It’s Simple:

  • Get actual market price for your underused fly fishing rods and reels.
  • Swap your old gear toward a balanced Red Truck Fly Fishing Outfit.

For more information on our balanced outfits, Swap program or just need some solid advice on where to fish…contact your friends at Red Truck Fly Rods.

You can email us at email:, or call us (208) 351-9037.